Real-time streaming with Wowza RealTime@Scale

Sub-second latency makes all the difference when streaming live interactive video.
With WebRTC video streaming, we can provide less than 0.5 seconds latency for services that depend on real time.

SPARKUP Interactive Tools

Create immersive and interactive event experiences.
Sparkup is a platform to stimulate participation in real time and give everyone a front row experience. Engage all your attendees in your event, whether it’s virtual, hybrid or in-person.

Streaming on eCDN and Peer to Peer

Online-Event offers a Peer to Peer streaming solution based on the WebRTC protocol that runs in the media player of the browser.
Mesh networks are self-balancing and automatically evolve as the number of viewers increases.
Because the solution is based on the video player itself, it requires no installation on viewers’ computers or any modification to the physical network infrastructure.

Advanced video conferencing with JITSI Meet

In order to organize your workshops, demonstration rooms … Online-Event offers you the integration of the Jitsi service.
A videoconferencing system fully integrated to your platform.

MATTERMOST Collaborative Messaging

Mattermost is an open source solution for secure enterprise instant messaging.
Very complete, it is a real alternative to Slack for the implementation of an internal chat, it also has many possibilities of integration with third party tools.

Video latency of live broadcasts

Live streaming latency is the time between when an event is captured by your camera and displayed to viewers.

Depending on the type of event you are organizing and the interactivity services you want to set up, think about the impact that the level of latency can have on your spectators.

VIDEO.JS media player

Video.js is a fully customizable open source HTML5 video player, compatible with all existing browsers.

It is possible to load plugins and extensions allowing the reading of particular file formats, or to load more advanced functionalities (list of readings, analyses, advertisements…).