Users and Guests

Management of the platform's users:
Customizable registration form
User authentication (password, token links, SSO ...)
Directory of users on the platform (who's who)
Management of groups and access rights by page and service
Editing of profiles on the platform
Import / Export of users (xls, csv)
Access statistics

Calendar and Events

Management of events on the platform:
Definition of event schedules
Customization of the contents of the live pages
Management of registrations by event
Access statistics for each event in the calendar (time and connection time per user ...)


Management of your events' speakers:
Customizable speaker directory
Search engine and filters
Link to the media, events, documents ... to which they are attached
Contact with visitors by email or chat
Statistics of consultation

Media libraries

Support for video, photo and file downloads:
Customization of content display
Link to events, speakers ... to which they are attached
Search engine and filters
Management of groups and rights
Statistics of consultation and satisfaction (like)

Exhibitors / Projects

Exhibitor or project manager:
Customizable files
Search engine and filters
Contact with visitors by mail, chat, video, forms
Advanced rights management for write access
Statistics of consultation


Connecting users or customers/suppliers:
Who's who" module in the form of a directory of visitors with search engine, filters and customizable information
Networking" module allowing the exchange of information between users in the form of themed discussion flows, in groups or between users
Appointment setting" module: connecting customers and suppliers

Social networks

Display of public social network feeds:
Support for 18 social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn ...)
Filtering on # or users
Display as a gallery or full page (social wall)
Moderation possible
Automatic update

E-mailing campaigns

Management of mailing campaigns:
Personalization of contents
Creation of mailings by group or by event
Scheduling of mailings
Statistics of reception and consultation
Configurable mail servers

Languages & Translations

Multi-language platform content:
Content translation tool integrated in the back office
Import / export in GetText PO/POT format
Unlimited number of languages for your platform
Support for Semitic languages (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hebrew)

Custom development

Development of customized modules adapted to your needs:
Business tools in specific development.
Use of proprietary or Open Source API for the integration of your tools.
Do not hesitate to contact us with your specific needs.