Our infrastructure

The Online Event platform was designed on the basis of open source tools.
The choice of open source as a basis for the development of the platform is without compromise for our team. Whether it is about operating systems, programming languages and technical components, this technological choice has several advantages:

  • Security and Trust: Open source code brings several advantages. A security flaw can be easily discovered and corrected by the whole community of developers. It is also much more difficult to place hidden functions of malicious exploitation of data or espionage, which would be quickly discovered by this same worldwide community which is by definition independent.
  • Independence and durability: an open source software is developed thanks to contributors who can be anyone. Most of the time for the market leader solutions, one or more big associations or companies financially support the updates of the concerned software. The more a solution is used, the more contributors of different interests there are on an open source solution, and the more the sustainability of the solution is ensured. It is impossible for a single company to unilaterally decide to abandon an open source software or to modify its licensing rules. The torch can be taken up by anyone to continue development in the spirit of open source software.
  • Improved quality and customization: Since everyone can have access to the full source code, potential errors are corrected more quickly. Especially if a feature or bug concerns a specific need, it is always possible to fix it or implement it by yourself. There is no more efficient solution.

In order to guarantee an irreproachable quality of service, we integrate into our platform services managed by third party companies whose reputation is well established. Each of the companies with whom we subscribe to these services are specialized in their field and guarantee availability and impeccable support.
By guaranteeing the quality of the services we offer, we select these external service providers with great care and do not hesitate to change provider in case of problems or multiply equivalent service providers to ensure redundancy of our services on several networks.

Open Source Technologies

External services