Online Event,
the custom-made platform dedicated to your hybrid and digital events !

Because your events are all different, Online Event adapts to your needs.

Hosting / Development Partners

Your events

Let's create together customised solutions for your events!

Congress, symposium, colloque

Corporate seminar


Product kickoff

Press conference

Workshops / Roundtables

Support at every stage

Technical study

You have a project?

We accompany you in the study of your needs as well as in the development of your specifications. At your side, we advise you on the technical tools best suited to your project.

Project monitoring

Never alone! We are at your side during the whole preparation of your event.

In collaboration with your IT department, we validate the different security levels of the infrastructure and the quality of the internet lines in order to guarantee an optimal experience for your users.


The D-day of the event, we are present at your side :

- on site with a technical team that ensures the proper functioning of the services provided by the platform as well as the provision of computer and technical equipment.

- remotely with a production team that supervises your event.


Your event is over? We're still here!

We take care of the cutting, encoding, and chaptering of your media to make the replays available to your users.

Medias and statistics of your event are made available to you on a secure download link.

Let's create together a platform to your image

Modules and services for your content


- Users and Guests
- Agenda and Events
- Speakers
- Media libraries
- Exhibitors / Projects
- E-mail campaigns
- Social networks
- Networking
- Translations


- Video streaming solutions
- Video conferencing solutions
- Q&A
- Chat
- Interactivity and engagement (MCQs, Quizzes, Word clouds, etc.)
- External services


In order to ensure high availability and security of our infrastructure, the platforms and associated services are hosted by our partner Scaleway on datacenters located in France.

Scaleway takes the cloud to the next level and is committed to implementing an effective environmental policy while offering responsible products and services and implementing proactive measures to optimize the impact of its customers' activities.

Through this partnership, Online Event benefits from information security and data privacy certifications (ISO 27001 - Security Management, RGPD compliant) as well as an environmental commitment (ISO 50001 - Energy Management).


Our development and hosting infrastructure is based on Open Source technologies that guarantee :
- Security and increased confidence in the technologies used,
- A quality in the technological watch allowing to take advantage of the last technical innovations.

We also rely on external specialized companies to make you benefit from their infrastructures deployed on a large scale, and monitored 24/7. These services concern the platforms of streaming, video-conference, interactivté, mailing...

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Platforms deployed


Streaming hours last 3 months


TB of data transferred in the last 3 months


They trust us

Excellent experience with Online Event for an internal event over 1 day in 100% digital.
Smooth and pleasant exchanges, wise advices, reactivity, availability and listening, I was perfectly accompanied from the beginning of the project, to its realization.
I will call them again with my eyes closed!

Sigolene Dubois
Internal Events Lead - Scaleway

Online Event or how to create a custom platform with peace of mind!
I would like to thank Gaël and his team for their availability, their professionalism and their ability to listen and advise on digital and hybrid offers.

Caroline Payré
Senior Project Manager - Sagarmatha

Gael and his team were introduced to me as THE French specialists in large-scale interactive visios. And indeed, his expertise and skills were decisive for the success of our phygital show for the Amazon France teams. Don't hesitate to ask him for advice!

Foulques Jubert
Associate Director - WATO Agency

He would have less time to devote to our projects and it is unthinkable to work with someone else to offer high quality custom platforms to our clients.
Thanks in advance!

Vincent Thevenet
Associate Director - Le Studio Dynamic